Samwha Electric’s new series’ for the LED market

Korea’s No.1 E-cap manufacturer, Samwha Electric has launched two new series’ for the LED market.

The “LQ” series, specially is designed for general use in various applications in the LED market and the “VP” series is designed for various applications in the automotive LED market. With 45 years of experience and excellence in customization, Samwha Electric is constantly developing new products for these markets.

The “LQ” series, ideal for LED in general and the industrial market, has a temperature range of -40 to 105℃ with a lifetime of up to 10,000 hours. Having a voltage range from 6.3 to 120V and a capacitance range from 27 to 8200μF, it offers many application possibilities for general products and industrial customers. Additionally, the “VP” series is released for the automotive LED market. Voltage range of 10 to 35V, capacitance up to 6800μF, and most importantly a temperature range up to 135℃ makes it ideal for automotive LED applications. With further advantages of miniaturization, low impedance, and high ripple current, it will offer customers with more options than other currently available series’.

Key Features (“LQ”-Series)