Samwha Electric’s Most Capable Polymer Hybrid Capacitor Series

Polymer Hybrid Capacitor Series

To meet the demand of the worldwide automotive market, Korea’s Number 1 E-cap manufacturer Samwha  Electric has developed the new high-end conductive polymer hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitor “YT” series.

With AEC-Q200 and being specialized for the automotive industry, it can be used at temperatures between -55℃ ~ +150℃ for  1000 hours. Provided from 25 to 63 volts and up to 270μF, it’s an ideal solution for numerous applications. To avoid short-circuits and gain superior ripple characteristics, polymer hybrid can be offered as alternative  to all capacitors including ceramic, electrolytic and even tantalum. The capacitor having a mixture of conductive polymer and liquid electrolyte, it benefits from the advantages of both capacitor-types.

Within the automotive industry, the new hybrid series can be used from less safety relevant  applications such as power window or display to essential applications such as the Engine control unit or transmission control unit. The conductive polymer hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitor “YT” series is the perfect, new solution for the automotive industry.

Being the series with highest quality, the “YT” series from Samwha Electric will open a new chapter in the electrolytic capacitor market.

Key Features