Samwha Electric’s Smallest Radial Series

To improve the current long life “KJ” series, SAMWHA electric has developed the “BN” series. With having its main focus on miniaturization and higher ripple current, the new series will lead SAMWHA into the new market of smart home applications. The “BN” series, available in high voltages of 450V and 500V, convinces with high reliability, withstanding 12000 hours load life at 105℃. Compared to the “KJ” series, it is smaller in size and offers a 10% ripple current increase. For instance, 450V 150㎌ is offered at Φ18 x height 45mm with 1740mA rms in KJ whereas the improved “BN” series offers Φ18 x height 40mm with 2000mA rms. This improvement is ideal for applications, which require a long product life. With the “KJ” series already experiencing approval and mass production in high-end smart home applications, home appliance and in new generation internet devices’ markets, SAMWHA electric’s “BN” series is developed by SAMWHA Electric’s R&D to meet the needs of engineers in the smart home market. This new industry has been developing rapidly, especially in south east Asia. Thus, the series’ miniaturized and improved characteristics offer more options and stability in (smart home) applications. The “BN” series offers countless possibilities for the smart home market. It can be used in applications such as smart meters, electric shutters, interphones with LED displays as well as a network function, and displays on new home appliances such as refrigerators.

Key Features BN Series

Dimensions BN Series