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At P+C Schwick GmbH we can supply the complete product portfolio of the German high-quality heatsink, case, and connector producer Fischer Elektronik. Below you will find an overview of the different product categories of Fischer Elektronik. For further detail, please take a look at Fischer’s product catalogues, which you can download here:

Fischer Elektronik Heatsinks

Fischer Elektronik produces various kinds of high-quality heatsinks for a plurality of applications. In addition, Fischer has the capability to manufacture and modify its heatsinks according to customer’s specifications and requirements, thus individual solutions for specific applications are possible. If individual modifications and alterations are required, P+C Schwick GmbH can support or handle all necessary project management activities and acts as a single point of contact between Fischer Elektronik and our customer.  Below you will find an overview of all possible heatsink products of Fischer, including machined heatsinks, fluid heatsinks, welded heatsinks, processor heatsinks, LED heatsinks, finger-shaped heatsinks for power semiconductors and transistors, as well as round and pin heatsinks.

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Machined Heatsinks

  • Several hundreds of extrusion profiles available
  • Future orientated stockkeeping of heatsink profiles in a fully automatic honeycomb warehouse
  • Precise milling treatments in highest quality
  • Effective heat spreading by means of heatsinks with grouted copper areas
  • Designs and modifications according to your demand

Fluid Heatsinks

  • Fluid heatsinks for dissipation of big heat flow volumes
  • Compact design with internal lamella structure
  • Thick bottom plates for optimal heat dissipation
  • I- and U streamed versions
  • Water connection or mounting flange for your special application
  • Customized treatments and solutions

Lamella Heatsinks

  • Compact lamella heatsinks with a big surface
  • Special design for forced convection
  • Thermotechnical optimal fitted lamellas
  • Precise milled flat semiconductor mounting surface
  • Single and double sided bottom plate made of aluminium or copper
  • Production according to customer specified demands

Extruded Heatsinks With Solder Pins

  • Solid pressed in soldering pins and threaded bolts for a direct pcb-mounting
  • For horizontal and vertical mounting position
  • Standard drilling patterns and transistor retaining springs for various semi-conductive elements
  • Soldering pins with insulation for spacing help
  • Variations and modifications according to drawing

Extruded Heatsinks With Pressed-In Fins

  • For highest thermal dissipation losses
  • Channelled fin geometrie for increasing the surface
  • Thermotechnical optimized connection between fin and bottom plate
  • Deliverable in widths of 200 up to 750 mm
  • Customer specific versions and treatments possible

Heatsinks With Integrated Sealing

  • Foamed sealing applied on the profile as a permanent element of the heatsink
  • Also usable for front plates or milled parts
  • Groove filled or stackedPermanently elastic and CFC-free
  • Adaption of the sealing properties to the specific application

Welded High Performance Heatsinks

  • Optimal fin geometry with channelled structure for free convection
  • Production of heatsink widths outside of the press-technical production possibilities
  • Removing of the welding line by means of precise milled flat surfaces
  • Individual surface design

Welded Heatsinks

  • Homogeneous connection of the materials by means of special welding methods
  • Welding on additional mounting levels which are situated diagonally to the pressing direction of the profiles
  • Production of prototypes
  • Application-based special designs and treatments according to the customer’s demand

Customer Specific Milled Parts Made Of Aluminium

  • Precise milled contours and surfaces
  • Inserting of holes and cut-outs, cutting or milling of threads
  • Turning in of wire thread inserts for high- and wear-resistant threads
  • Simple data exchange by means of up to date CAD- / CAM-systems

Cases And Contour Milled Parts Made Of Aluminium

  • Customer specific cases and construction parts
  • Precise mechanical treatments for highest quality demands
  • All requested surface designs
  • Modifications and versions, special requirements, treatments and designs according to customer’s drawing specification

Round And Pin Heatsinks

  • Streamlined omnidirectional fin geometrie
  • Excellent thermal conductivity due to special aluminium alloys
  • Suitable for free and forced convection
  • No direction bounded installation position
  • Flat semiconductor mounting surfaces
  • Contour also as milled parts according to customer’s demands

Heatsinks For LEDs

  • Various heatsink geometries adjusted to all current LED-types and light-engines
  • Star shaped heatsinks for the use as a LED-lamp housing
  • LED mounting by means of screws, thermal conductive adhesive foil or thermal conductive glue
  • Customer specified versions with application based „thermal management“

Heatsinks For All Current PL CC, DIL-IC And SMD
Transistor Types

  • Effective heat dissipation at a low profile and low weight
  • Direct mounting of the component by means of a double-sided adhesive thermal foil or glue
  • Solderable versions of the surface
  • Special packaging such as tape & reel, magazine, or tray upon request

Heatsinks And Coolers For Processors

  • Passive and active product solutions
  • Effective heat dissipation due to optimal conception of fan and heatsink
  • Long lifetime and high operating safety due to high quality fans
  • Versions for screw, glue and clip mounting
  • Customer specific solutions and fans

Finger Shaped Heatsinks For Power Semiconductors

  • Specially compatible for power semiconductors in a TO-case
  • Made as a bent sheet metal part or die cast heatsink made of aluminium
  • Aligned heatsink contours for the best heat dissipation
  • Direct screwing of the component to the heatsink on the PCB

Attachable Heatsinks

  • Made of aluminium or copper material
  • Solderable surface coating
  • Integrated spring clip for easy and fast mounting of the transistor
  • Secure hold of the component due to optimized spring force and geometry
  • Customer specific version upon request

Finger Shaped Heatsinks For Transistors

  • Effective heat dissipation of transistors
  • Efficient radiation of heat at a horizontal or vertical mounting position
  • Component fastening by means of screws or special transistor retaining springs
  • Solder mounting by means of integrated solder pins and solderable surfaces

Miniature Heatsinks

  • For TO 5, SOT 82, D PAK and similar semiconductors
  • Made of aluminium, phosphorus bronze or copper
  • Simple mounting by direct plugging or soldering of the heatsink
  • Special types of packaging such as tape & reel, magazine or tray upon request
  • Versions and designs for your application

Segment Cooling Aggregates

  • Modular assembly consisting of different circle- and length segments
  • Electrical and thermal insulation of the single cooling segment sections
  • Standard drilling patterns TO 3 and pressfit
  • Segment profile also sold by the meter
  • Other fan types and fan voltages upon request

Miniature Cooling Aggregates

  • Compact construction for dissipating high power losses on smallest installation space
  • Heatsink geometries and fixed length optimal adjusted to the fan being used
  • Homogeneous heat dissipation
  • Mounting of the semi-conductor by means of sliding nut channels or specific snap-to-retaining springs for transistors

Hollow Fin Cooling Aggregates

  • Flow-optimized hollow fin geometry
  • Precise milled flat semiconductor mounting surface, single- and double-sided
  • Laminar airflow and noise reduction by means of harmonized chamber systems
  • Additional treatments, modifications and designs according to customers specifications

High Performance Heatsinks

  • Exclusive for forced convection
  • For radial- and tangential fans
  • Flow-optimized design, best heat dissipation by means of especially thick bottom plates
  • Precise milled flat semiconductor mounting surfaces
  • Mechanical treatments, special designs and surface coating for your application

Thermal Conductive Material

  • Large standard programme for thermal conductive pastes and glues, silicone-, GEL-, and foam foils (Gap Filler), cuts, tapes, tubes and caps
  • Thermal conductive electrically insulating foils
  • Customer specific productions made in our in-house punching shop

Guide Rails For PCBs

  • For horizontal and vertical assembly
  • Suitable for sheet thicknesses of 0.5 – 1.85 mm
  • With and without lock mechanism
  • Slim an wide designs
  • Screwable and snapable versions, extractors with locking pin fixing
  • Special designs upon request

Mounting Material For Semiconductors

  • Mounting disc for discrete devices such as transistors, capacitors and LEDs
  • Electrically insulating mounting of the transistors
  • Simple and fast assembly
  • Insulating clamping pins for various semiconductors for increasing the dielectric strength
  • Cover and insulating cap for transistors

Mounting Material For Mechanical Components

  • Distance bolts made of metal and plastics with inner or outer thread
  • Clamp mounting made of aluminium and plastics for mounting the heatsinks and cases on the mounting rail acc. to DIN EN 50022
  • Anti-vibration device for minimizing the noise and resonance

Fischer Elektronik Cases

Fischer Elektronik produces various kinds of high-quality cases for a plurality of applications. In addition, Fischer has the capability to manufacture and modify its cases according to customer’s specifications and requirements, thus individual solutions for specific applications are possible. If individual modifications and alterations are required, P+C Schwick GmbH can support or handle all necessary project management activities and acts as a single point of contact between Fischer Elektronik and our customer.  Below you will find an overview of all possible case products of Fischer, including desk consoles & shell cases, design cases, cooling cases, 19″ system cases, and combination & tube cases.

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Desk Consoles And Shell Cases

  • Wide product range of flexible designed desk consoles and shell cases made of aluminium
  • For non-standardised components, printed circuit boards and components
  • With integrated guide slots in grid spacing 1 HP
  • Customised front panel printings
  • Special dimensions, machining and surface treatments acc. to customer’s demand

Combination- And Tube Cases

  • For all common Eurocard formats with various combination possibilities
  • Use like bench case or for fastening of mounting rails
  • Wall or ceiling mounting by permanently installed fixing mounting brackets
  • Suitable version for EMC by means of electrical conductive surfaces and seals
  • EMC compliant design by electrical conductive surfaces and sealings

Miniature Aluminium Cases

  • Case as tube or half shell profile with spring and groove
  • With integrated cooling finsIntegrated guide slots for carrying PCB or mounting plates
  • D-Sub connectors can be mounted without front panel
  • Cut outs, special lengths and surface treatments according to customer’s request

Cooling Cases

  • Solid cooling cases made of aluminium
  • Excellent thermal efficiency by means of integrated cooling fins
  • Inner guide rail for application of 100 mm Eurocards or non standardised components
  • Additional machinings, modifications and surface treatments for your particular specifications

SECCO Design Cases

  • Unique, elegant design with shockproof plastic covers and integrated sealings
  • Revolving guide grooves for the application of non-standardized PCBs in thicknesses of 1.6 or 2 mmIP protection class 67 achievable without the use of additional sealings
  • Integration possibility for front foils or foil keypads
  • Customized modifications/colours upon request

FRAME Design Cases

  • Use as bench case in combination with a shock proof plastic frame and seal
  • Integrated guide slots for application of guide rails or non-standardized components
  • Electrically conductive surfaces and seals as EMC compatible versions on request
  • Special designs, treatments, modifications and individual colour scheme of the plastic covers

CHAC Design Cases

  • Modern case design in combination with shock proof plastic frames & integrated skid resistant standing feet
  • Horizontal and vertical variable aluminium case with integrated guide slots for application of any PCB and components
  • EMC compatible version due to electrical conductive surfaces and round cables
  • Realisation of customised special versions

EUROtainer Rail Design Cases

  • Aluminium case for 100 mm Eurocards with integrated guide slots in 5.08 mm grid spacing (1 HP)
  • Interchangeable assembly possibilities (also stackable) of the cases by means of solid plastic frame
  • Ergonomic case rail suitable for mobile operation or as a bench case
  • EMC compatible version by means of electrically conductive surfaces (TP) and conductive seals (EDKO)
  • Special treatments and versions according to customer’s requirements

Decorative Aluminium Milled Parts

  • High quality, very precise milled decorative aluminium parts
  • Exact radii and sharp-edged cutouts by using most modern CNC machining centers
  • Precision ground surfaces
  • Natural colour and black anodized

19“ Construction System

  • 19“ inserts with side panels made of extruded profiles
  • Standard insert cassettes with ventilation slots andIntegrated heatsink for Europe- and double Europe cards
  • 19” Rack Case with various part front panels TFP
  • Transparent passivated, conductive surfaces for EMC- applications
  • Individual colour according to customer specifications

Front Plates For The Cases And 19” Technology

  • Manufactured from aluminium, steel or stainless steel sheets
  • Front plates pre-assembled on standard cases according to customer’s requests
  • Black and clear or special anodised surfaces on customer’s request
  • Lacquer in all current RAL-colours
  • EMC screened front plates by means of electrically conductive surfaces

19“ System Cases

  • Modular design made of aluminium profiles- and sheets for different case positions
  • Same external dimensions like subracks therefore also suitable for installation in 19“ cabinets
  • Possibility to mount any part front panel and circuit board on front- and backside
  • All dimensions, dividing possibilities, and colours changeable acc. to customer’s specifications

19“ Subracks

  • For standard and EMC application
  • Integrated module rails with positioning aid for application of guide rails
  • Designs with subdivision in different height unitsWide range of accessories and modifications
  • Subrack with all expansion possibilities individual for customer’s application purpose

19“ Plug-In Box

  • Installation from horizontal mounted circuit cards or non-standardized components
  • 1-6 U, with or without handles
  • Side panels are made out of aluminium panels or extruded profiles
  • Multif. versions with removable cover and bottom panels
  • Permanent screen printing in all current RAL colours
  • Customised drillings and profile treatments

19“ Insert Modules

  • Integrated T-nuts for insulation strips, threaded rails or square nuts
  • EMC-shielded application due to electrical conductive surfaces and sealings
  • With internal guide for PC-boards in mounting grid 1 HP
  • External screw channels for avoiding short-circuits due to screw splinters
  • Realisation of special customised versions

19” System Case Rack Case

  • Case serie Rack Case consisting of extruded aluminium profiles and sheets
  • Modular assembly for different case construction stages
  • Suitable for EMC applications by means of electrical conductive surfaces and EMC extension sets
  • Modern design and colours
  • Customised versions and modifications

Customised 19” System Case Rack Case

  • All dimensions modifiable according to customer’s request
  • For highest quality standards milled cut-outs and contours
  • Individual colour schemes according to your specifications
  • Permanent screenprinting in all current RAL- HKS and Pantone colours
  • Wide range of accessories

19” Bench Case Rack Case

  • Front- and backside assembly of standardised BUS backplane and extender cards
  • Cover-, bottom- or side panels with ventilation slots
  • Wide range of rack handles
  • Dividing possibility in various height units by optional add-on kits

System Case Rack Case For 19” Cabinet Assembly

  • External dimensions as subracks, hence also suitable for 19” cabinet assembly
  • 19” cabinet fastening by means of solid aluminium angles
  • Integrated module rails for application of guide rails for Eurocards
  • Use of standard part front panels TFP as a front- and back cover

Fischer Elektronik Connectors

Fischer Elektronik produces various kinds of high-quality connectors for a plurality of applications. Below you will find an overview of all possible connector products of Fischer, including precision sockets & plugs for DIL-ICs, male & female headers as SMD version, multipoint connectors, PCB connectors, and D-sub connectors.

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Precision Sockets And Plugs For ICs With High Packing Density

  • PLCC-socket for soldering technology (THT)
  • PLCC-socket for SMD technology
  • Low profileType of packaging: bar magazine

Precision Sockets And Plugs For DIL-ICs

  • Precision sockets and plugs in soldering (THT) and SMD technology
  • DIL-IC sockets with extractor
  • Open and closed design

Customer Specified DIL-IC Sockets

  • Sockets for LED displays
  • Dual-in-line plug in adapter
  • IC-sockets partially loaded with oscillators and relays

Mounting Sockets For Discrete Components, Jumper Links And Connectors

  • Sockets for TO 5 cases
  • Plug-in sockets for chrystal oscillators
  • Jumper links with and without insulators
  • Precision pins and bushings, bulk
  • Connectors, with and without insulator

Male And Female Headers In SMD Version

  • Male header, one and two rows with pick and place pad, horizontal and vertical version
  • Female header, one and two rows with pick and place pad, horizontal and vertical version
  • Grid spacing: 2,54 mm, 2,00 mm and 1,27 mm
  • Optional selectable type of packaging: bar magazine OR tape OR reel

Male And Female Headers For Solder Technology (THT)

  • Male header, one and two rows, straight and angled version with square and precision contacts
  • Shrouded-header with second insulating body
  • Female header, one and two rows, straight and angled version with stamped contacts or precision contacts
  • Through-hole female headers, one and two rows
  • Grid spacing 2,54 mm, 2,0 mm and 1,27 mm

Male Dnd Female Header In Press-In Mounting

  • Male header, one and two rows, straight version
  • Female header, one and two rows, straight version
  • Shrouded male header, two rows, straight version

Multipoint Connector

  • Direct multipoint connector for additional circuit board with a thickness of 0,7 to 0,9 mm
  • Direct multipoint connector for a circuit board thickness of 1,6 mm

Shroud Male Headers

  • Shroud male headers for lockable multipoint connector
  • Version: 2 rows, 6 contacts up to 50 contacts, grid 2.54 mm; 2.00 mm; 1.27 mmStraight, angled and for SMD technology
  • Reflow solderable insulator
  • Class of flammability acc. to UL 94 V0

Multipoint Connector With And Without Lock

  • Multipoint connector for ribbon cable
  • Version: two rows, 6 contacts up to 50 contacts, grid 2.54mm
  • Version without lock
  • With polarisation

Multipoint Connector, One And Two Rows

  • Multipoint connector for ribbon cable
  • Two rows with and without pull relief, grid 2.54, 6 contacts up to 50 contacts
  • Two rows in grid 2.00 mm; 1.27 mm, 20 contacts up to 50 contacts
  • Polarisation at the two row version
  • One row in grid 2.54 mm, 3 contacts up to 25 contacts

PCB Connector

  • PCB connector for ribbon cable
  • One row in grid 2.54 mm, 4 contacts up to 20 contacts
  • Two rows in grid 2.54 mm, 6 contacts up to 34 contacts
  • Two rows in DIL design, grid 2.54 mm, 4 contacts up to 40 contacts

USB & RJ 45 Connectors

  • USB 2.0 type A and typ B
  • USB 2.0 mini type B
  • USB 2.0 micro type B
  • USB 3.0 type A
  • USB 3.1 type CRJ 45

D-Sub Connectors

  • With Wire Wrap, solder cup and dip soldering connection
  • With plastic angle and rivet, earthing plate, snap-in clip
  • With metal angle and rivet

19“ Insert Modules

  • Design with large cable space
  • Hoods with self-cutting threaded bolts
  • Hoods with quick fastener
  • Compact hoods with cable outlet on the side

D-Sub Accessories

  • Cable reels
  • Cut-out covers
  • HF-dense seal caps
  • HF seals
  • Dust covers
  • Threaded couplings

Brackets For PCI

  • With or without fixing tab
  • Standard cut-outs
  • Customer-specific cut-outs
  • Customer-specific printings

Brackets For AT And Similar Applications

  • With or without fixing tab
  • Standard cut-outs
  • Customer-specific cut-outs
  • Customer-specific printings

Customer-Specific Brackets

  • Double width
  • Special width
  • With printing

Equipped Brackets

  • Equipped with D-Sub
  • Equipped with LED
  • Equipped with custom-specific components

Mounting Material

  • Spacers for standard LEDs
  • Class of flammability acc. to UL 94 VO

LED Fastener For Horizontal PCB Mounting

  • Single and double fasteners for a standard diameter of 3 and 5 mm
  • Equipped multi-fastener
  • Single fasteners and fasteners connectable in series

Fibre-Optics For SMD-LED Components

  • Horizontal, fixed fibre-optics with round or rectangular lense made of transparent plastics – also for gauge displays
  • Vertical, fixed fibre-optics with round or rectangular lense made of transparent plastics

LED Fastener For Front Panel Mounting

  • Clipable fastener for 5 mm LEDs
  • Fastener for 3 and 5 mm LED with clamping ring

About Fischer Elektronik

Fischer Elektronik Heat Sinks, Cases & Connectors

Fischer Elektronik is the leading German manufacturer for heatsinks, cases, and connectors. With their own production line as well as research and development center situated in Germany, the company is synonymous for “quality made in Germany”. Through more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing heatsinks, cases, and connectors, Fischer Elektronik is able to fulfil all customer’s requirements with their innovative, high-quality products. In addition, Fischer Elektronik created the Fischer Oberflächenveredelung GmbH as a second company. Therefore, Fischer Elektronik is able to fulfil individual customer requirements in regard to surface refinement and finishing. The company’s focus on providing excellent quality in everything they to do is further underlined through obtaining the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO/IEC 27001 certifications.

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