Samwha Electric Focus Product Line: Green Capacitors (EDLC)

General Information & Comparison to Batteries

Electric Double Layer Capacitors (EDLC), also referred to as “Supercapacitors”, are  next generation energy storage devices with excellent cycle characteristics. In Samwha’s product portfolio, they are called “Green Cap”. Through having the highest energy density among all capacitors, they close the gap between batteries and common capacitors. In order to reach higher voltages, single cells can be connected in series or parallel, resulting in supercapacitor modules. Despite the technology being around for some time, new application fields arise on a daily basis, enabling EDLCs a promising future. Especially in the energy, industrial, transportation and automotive sectors, Electric Double Layer Capacitors are suitable for various applications and enable significant advantages and cost savings compared to other solutions.

Functional Principle of Samwha’s Electric Double Layer Capacitors (Green Cap)

Major Features of Samwha’s Electric Double Layer Capacitor Series (Green Cap) and Comparison to Regular Batteries

EDLC Green Capacitors Applications

Overview of Applications and Functions of Samwha’s Electric Double Layer Capacitor Line (Green Cap) 

Detailed Applications

Industrial: Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) & Voltage Sag Protection (VSP) Applications

Industrial: Smart Meter Applications

ELDC Smart Meter Applications

Industrial: Hybrid Excavator Applications

ELDC Hybrid Excavator Applications

Industrial: Hybrid Rubber Tired Gantry Crane (RTGC) Applications

ELDC Hybrid Rubber Tired Gantry Crane (RTGC) Applications

Industrial: Forklift Applications

ELDC Forklift Applications

Industrial: Elevator Applications

ELDC Elevator Applications

Industrial: Automated Guide Vehicle (AGV) Applications

ELDC Automated Guide Vehicle (AGV) Applications

Renewable Energy: Wind Power Pitch Control Applications

ELDC Wind Power Pitch Control Applications

Renewable Energy: Solar Security Light Applications

ELDC Solar Security Light Applications

Transportation: Subway Applications

ELDC Subway Applications

Transportation: Tram Applications

ELDC Tram Applications

Transportation: Diesel Locomotive Applications

ELDC Diesel Locomotive Applications

Transportation: Electric Bike / Golf Cart Applications

ELDC Electric Bike / Golf Cart Applications

Automotive: Hybrid Bus (HEV Bus) Applications

ELDC Hybrid Bus (HEV Bus) Applications

Automotive: Mild Hybrid Car Applications

ELDC Mild Hybrid Car Applications

Automotive: Idle Stop & Go (ISG) Applications

ELDC Idle Stop & Go (ISG) Applications

Automotive: X By Wire Applications

ELDC X By Wire Applications

Automotive: Vehicle Battery Applications

ELDC Vehicle Battery Applications

Medical: X-Ray Applications

ELDC X-Ray Applications

Further Links

Application Guide & Further Ressources

Take a look at our Samwha application guide and further ressources.

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