Samwha Electric Focus Product Line: Polymer Hybrid Capacitors

General Introduction with Product Comparison and Series Overview

Through using a combination of conductive polymer electric materials and liquid electrolytes as electrolyte, conductive polymer hybrid aluminium electrolytic capacitors merge the best of both worlds. The polymer enables low ESR as well as high ripple current characteristics, whereas the liquid electrolytes enable low leakage current and short circuit prevention. In addition, the capacitors can withstand high voltages and provide higher capacitance ratings. These features enable the polymer hybrid capacitors to have significant advantages over conventional tantalum, polymer, electrolytic, and multi layer ceramic chip capacitors. Conductive polymer hybrid capacitors can be used for a variety of applications, such as medical devices or communication repeaters (5G). In addition, the capacitors are especially suitable for applications in the automotive industry. 

Why Are Polymer Hybrid Capacitors Necessary?

Functional Principle And Definition of Polymer Hybrid Capacitors

Comparison: Polymer Hybrid Capacitors VS. Other Capacitor Types

Comparison: Polymer Hybrid Capacitors VS. Other Capacitor Types

Samwha’s Polymer Hybrid Capacitor Series Overview

General Application Examples + Detailed Automotive Application Examples

General Application Examples & Advantages

Automotive Application Examples & Recommended Series

Automotive Application Examples & Recommended Series In Detail

Detailed Comparisons To Other Capacitor Types

Polymer Hybrid Capacitors VS. Polymer Tantal Capacitors

Polymer Hybrid Capacitors VS. Multi Layer Ceramic Chip Capacitors (MLCC)

Polymer Hybrid Capacitors VS. Polymer Aluminium Capacitors

Polymer Hybrid Capacitors VS. Electrolytic Capacitors: Ripple Removal Comparison

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