Our FELDER Solder & Accessories Portfolio

Our FELDER Solder & Accessories Portfolio | P+C Schwick GmbH

At P+C Schwick GmbH we can supply the complete product portfolio of the German high-quality solder wire and accessories producer FELDER. Below you will find an overview of the different product categories of FELDER. For further detail, please take a look at FELDER’s product catalogue and their brochures, which you can download here:

ISO-Tin® Basic Electronic Solders

ISO-Tin® Special Electronic Solders

ISO-Tin® NiGe-Electronic Solders

ISO-Tin® HAL-Electronic Solders

ISO-Core® “Clear”- Electronic Solder Wires

ISO-Core® Electronic Solder Wires

ISO-Cream® SMD-Solder Pastes

ISO-Flux® Electronic Flux

Desoldering Braid & Accessories

FELDER’s ECO-TIN Initiative

Soft solders from sustainable and fair resources

Extracting raw materials and:

For some years now, FELDER’S approach has been to source their tin preferentially from producers who are committed both to their staff in the form of good working conditions and to the environmental conditions within the mining areas. The wages of all employees must be sufficient to guarantee their families a carefree future. Therefore, one of their preferred tin producers is MINSUR, a Peruvian company whose corporate philosophy is based on transparency and thus on environmental protection, occupational safety and fair working conditions. Especially customers who have the highest purity requirements (in particular low Pb-values < 50 ppm) or require an European origin can be supplied by FELDER with solders made from European electrolytically-won tin.

Since this year FELDER has been able to officially confirm that they process fair-trade pure tin on a scale that allows the company to produce and supply all FELDER soft solders to be used in the electronics manufacturing industry in their ECO-TIN quality-standard.

Through using those certified products, customers can also support the fostering of fair working conditions and of activities to protect the environment as well as the fight against child labour worldwide.

We at P+C Schwick GmbH are very grateful to work with a manufacturer such as Felder, in order to foster the usage of fairly produced as well as sustainably sourced products.


FELDER Solder & Accessories

FELDER GMBH Löttechnik is an innovative company specializing in the field of soldering technology. State-of-the-art manufacturing processes guarantee high and consistent quality for all their solders and fluxes. All FELDER products are subject to the constant quality control by the company’s own laboratory and are tested according to the guidelines of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The laboratory equipment includes optical emission spectrometers, digital microscopes and IR spectrophotometers. This underlines FELDER’s focus on high-quality products, which is also reflected in the company’s slogan: “Quality creates trust”. Furthermore, the company focuses with their ECO-TIN initiative on sourcing soft solders only from sustainable and fair sources, thus protecting the environment, combatting child labor, and promoting equality.

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