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Clamp Meters



Clamp meters for the measurement of current amperage

A clamp meter, or clamp ammeter, is used for the measurement of amperage. The measurement is a non-contact and indirect measurement of current amperage, which has the advantage that the circuit does not have to be disconnected.


While all digital clamp meters can measure at least alternating current (AC), many clamp meters are also suitable for measuring direct current (DC). In addition, most modern current clamps can also measure AC/DC voltages and resistance in addition to amperage. Some models can even measure frequency, capacitance, or temperature.

Useful features that many of our models offer include true RMS measurement, non-contact voltage measurement (NCV), diode and continuity test, MAX/MIN/Relative and Zero modes, and data hold function.


What to look for when choosing a clamp meter

To find the perfect clamp meter, there are several criteria to consider when making your selection. Not every clamp meter can be used in every field. The range of application depends on the CAT measurement category:

  • Cat I: Measurement on devices without connection to the mains (e.g. battery operation). 
  • Cat II: Measurement on devices connected to the normal, single-phase household mains. 
  • Cat III: Measurement in the area of distribution boxes and three-phase installations. 
  • Cat IV: heavy current applications.

In addition, the clamp meters differ in clamp aperture diameter, screen resolution (counts), and range selection. Whereas with automatic range selection the measuring range is set automatically, with manual range selection it must be adjusted manually. The higher the number of counts on the display, the more precise the measurement results can be read. If a lot of value is placed on particularly precise measurement results, a model with a high count number should therefore be selected.


Our clamp meter brands


Our own brand PCWork stands for innovation and customer orientation. Our product team concentrates on qualitative measuring instruments true to the motto "quality before quantity". This motto is also reflected in our PCW05A. It is a high quality clamp meter with extensive functions, which leaves nothing to be desired by the customer. The device can measure AC/DC current voltages, AC/DC current intensity, capacitance, resistance and temperature. It also meets the CAT III 600V rating and is therefore suitable for measurements in the area of distribution boxes and three-phase installations. 



Through more than 30 years in the market of premium measuring instruments, UNI-T, as one of the most renowned manufacturers in the world, has developed a keen sense of customer needs. UNI-T regularly releases new high-quality premium clamp meters in different price categories. Thereby UNI-T offers affordable clamp meters like e.g. the UT210E and high quality professional devices like e.g. the UT216C or UT208A.