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Soldering Stations



Professional soldering stations for your electronics workshop

Professional soldering stations are an essential tool for advanced soldering work. Many small electrical components such as microchips, or semiconductors such as diodes and transistors are very sensitive to heat, which makes precise temperature control necessary. Unlike simple soldering irons, the temperature of soldering stations can be optimally adjusted thanks to the configurable temperature control. This means that the right temperature can always be selected for different applications. Furthermore, components are processed on increasingly smaller boards. Therefore, in addition to dexterity, the right equipment is also required for precise soldering work.


Soldering stations can be classified into two categories. Analog and digital soldering stations, as so-called contact soldering stations and hot air soldering stations. In contact soldering stations, the tips of the soldering irons are heated by the station and soldering is performed with direct contact to the solder joint. With hot air soldering stations, on the other hand, there is no direct contact with the solder joint. The station generates hot air, which carries out the soldering process.


Things to look out for when selecting a soldering station

When choosing the right soldering station, particular attention should be paid to the type of work that is to be done. Hot air soldering stations, for example, are not suitable for very precise work, as they also heat up the surrounding area. However, this is precisely why they are all the more suitable for fast and uncomplicated desoldering of SMD components.


For particularly heat-sensitive components, a digital soldering station should also be preferred to an analog one, as the display allows more precise control and monitoring of the temperature.
Those who need to perform soldering work at particularly high temperatures should choose a station with a power of 50 to 80 watts, as these offer temperature ranges between 150 and 450°C.

Our brands

Zhongdi (ZD):

Zhongdi is a professional manufacturer of soldering irons, temperature-controlled soldering stations, desoldering pumps, glue guns, magnifying lamps and electric tool kits. The company has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing soldering tools. Its rigorous approach to quality has enabled Zongdi to become an internationally renowned brand of soldering products, manufacturing more than $10 million worth of products and supplying them worldwide through selected partners. Zhongdi has implemented the 6S management system in its factory and has already developed more than 30 patented products with its highly skilled R&D team. This will ensure the continuous development of unique quality products in the future.



Introducing our own brand PCWork Tools. PCWork was created in 2020 and aims to be the go-to brand for everybody who is passionate about working with electronics. We create high-quality tools at an attractive price point, which will offer best-in class features for every budget. While thinking about the end-user, we develop and design tools for for inventors, students, ambitious hobbyists, and passionate professionals. We created PCWork wanting to share the team’s passion and enthusiasm for working with electronics and therefore we believe that PCWork will be recognized as the brand for the “electronics enthusiast’. Our first product line consisted of three distinctive digital multimeters and was followed by the launch of various testing instruments. 2022 marks the year of the launch of our first Digital Soldering Station, which is perfect for demanding soldering jobs. Many new product lines will be launched soon, so stay tuned!