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Air Conditioner Remote Controls


High quality (replacement) air conditioner remote controls

Especially on hot summer days, air conditioners are essential to protect you from the heat. Often, they are operated with the help of a remote control, which unfortunately can get lost or broken. In this case, the air conditioner remote controls of the Italian brand Superior Electronics provide relief. The remote controls of the quality manufacturer are equipped with up to 6000 codes, allowing you to control almost any air conditioner with them. Thanks to the manual or automatic code search function, the programming of the remote control can be done quickly and easily. 

In addition, Superior Electronics offers air conditioning remote controls specially designed for the needs of the hospitality industry. The SUPCU004 Hotel Plus is perfect for hotels, as the remote control has a retaining clip for wall mounting. This ensures that the remote control can be placed centrally in the room and will not get lost. 

Our brands

SUPERIOR Electronics is the expert when it comes to high quality remote controls of any kind. Based in Rome, Italy, Superior Electronics was founded in Rome in 2011 and has seen tremendous growth since then. SUPERIOR is a young company, but it has an extraordinary level of experience and professionalism. Therefore, SUPERIOR's team consists of a perfect mix of long years of experience in consumer electronics, knowledge and young freshness. SUPERIOR's remote controls are produced in Asia, while the design, technology and development take place in Italy. In order to maintain its leadership position and promote innovation, SUPERIOR Electronics invests every year a significant part of its resources in research and development.