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Oscilloscopes for every purpose and every budget

Oscilloscopes are indispensable aids in the analysis of electrical signals, because they enable the graphical representation of signal characteristics. Oscilloscopes are available in various designs - from inexpensive entry-level devices to professional high-tech devices. The market offers numerous variants so that everyone can find the right oscilloscope for their application. A good oscilloscope should have excellent signal accuracy, high acquisition rates, an innovative trigger system and an intelligent user interface. Here is an overview of the different types and features of the devices, as well as their advantages and areas of application:

Optimal price-performance ratio from the device for the hobby user to the professional device

Whether hobby user or professional, the right oscilloscope can be found here. Depending on your needs, there are various models to choose from. Entry-level models from the lower price segment are particularly suitable for hobby users who occasionally perform measurements on the circuit. For applications in the professional field, there are much more powerful oscilloscopes with a more elaborate range of functions, which are of course in a more upscale price range.

Oscilloscope with PC interface

Modern oscilloscopes have a PC interface via USB output, which allows you to perform precise, advanced analyses. Thus, you have the possibility to transfer the acquired data directly to the computer, evaluate and save them. In addition, there is the option to operate the oscilloscope's user interface completely on the PC. This makes the oscilloscope a useful tool for working with electronics in industry and science.

Handheld Oscilloscopes

Handheld oscilloscopes are extremely convenient for taking measurements on the go. They are small and handy, making them easy to carry around. Most handheld devices offer a solid feature set, and some are also equipped with a touchscreen.

Oscilloscopes with integrated multimeter

Oscilloscopes with integrated multimeters are real all-rounders, because they combine both functions in one device. They are therefore particularly suitable for use on the move or where space is limited. Thanks to the multimeter function, other quantities such as current, resistance and voltage can also be measured.

Excellent signal accuracy, high acquisition rates, an innovative trigger system and an intelligent user interface

Regardless of their features, good oscilloscopes should offer high signal accuracy and fast acquisition rates. Thus, a good feature alone is not everything; an intuitive and user-friendly user interface also plays an important role. Modern oscilloscopes therefore feature an innovative trigger system and an intelligent user interface that enables fast analysis and setting of measurement parameters.

Innovative quality manufacturer UNI-T (UNI-TREND)

UNI-T (also known as UNI-TREND) is an innovative manufacturer of electronic and measurement equipment, known for its high-quality, accurate and reliable multimeters, clamp meters and oscilloscopes. UNI-T's instruments offer excellent performance and are suitable for both hobbyists and professionals. Here, the devices are characterized in particular by high quality. UNI-T is also active in the world of oscilloscopes. The devices of the manufacturer offer solid features and reliability at an affordable price.


Overall, the selection of oscilloscopes is large and depends on the individual application requirements. Those who know their way around will quickly find the right device that offers the desired functions and setting options. The price and the quality play an important role. Likewise, when buying an oscilloscope, one should pay attention to high signal accuracy, fast acquisition rates, an innovative trigger system and an intelligent user interface.