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Infrared Thermometers



Infrared thermometers for industrial and medical use

Infrared thermometers, or pyrometers, allow non-contact measurement of the temperature of surfaces. For industrial applications, the measurement becomes safer for the user because, unlike classical thermometers, no direct contact with the surface is necessary. In addition, infrared thermometers can also be used in the medical field to measure body temperature. This minimizes contact with potentially infectious people and can limit the spread of disease.


The various infrared thermometers differ in particular in their temperature measurement range and range. Our laser thermometers, which can be used in industry, usually have a measuring range with values between -50℃ and 500℃. However, some infrared thermometers also have a measuring range up to 1300℃.


Finding the right infrared thermometer

An important criterion for choosing a model is the application range. If the thermometer is to be used in the industrial sector, the temperature measuring range must be correspondingly high. However, if the infrared thermometer is used to measure body temperature or for domestic use, the measuring range may be correspondingly smaller.
In addition, attention should be paid to the measurement optics (D:S ratio). The measuring optics is relevant in connection with the accuracy over distance, because it describes the relationship between the distance and the size of the measuring point. Therefore, those who attach great importance to high accuracy in measurement should choose an infrared thermometer with a high D:S ratio.



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