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Universal Remote Controls


Universal remote controls for audio and video equipment

The universal remote controls of the renowned Italian manufacturer SUPERIOR Electronics are ideal for controlling a wide range of audio and video devices of the most popular brands. Depending on the remote control, up to 4 devices can be controlled (e.g. with the SUPTUB003).

The stored database includes about 260,000 different models, including popular brands such as LG, Samsung, Sony, Philips, Panasonic, Telefunken, Thomson and Grundig. 

However, SUPERIOR universal remotes not only stand out from the crowd in terms of the number of compatible brands and devices, but can also excel with extremely simple and user-friendly programming of the remotes. This takes only a few minutes and requires no programming knowledge.

Daily updates

To keep the remote control up to date, SUPERIOR offers free daily updates. To apply the updates, the remote control must be connected to a computer and the updates must be downloaded from the SUPERIOR database.

Selection criteria for the right universal remote control

The most important decision factor is the number of devices that will be controlled by the remote control. If several audio and video devices are to be controlled with one remote control, this must be taken into account accordingly when making the selection.

Our brands

SUPERIOR Electronics is the expert when it comes to high quality remote controls of any kind. Based in Rome, Italy, Superior Electronics was founded in Rome in 2011 and has seen tremendous growth since then. SUPERIOR is a young company, but it has an extraordinary level of experience and professionalism. Therefore, SUPERIOR's team consists of a perfect mix of long years of experience in consumer electronics, knowledge and young freshness. SUPERIOR's remote controls are produced in Asia, while the design, technology and development take place in Italy. In order to maintain its leadership position and promote innovation, SUPERIOR Electronics invests every year a significant part of its resources in research and development.