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Voltage Testers



Voltage testers for voltage measurement

A voltage tester, or continuity tester, is used to test for the existence of voltage in electrical circuits. However, some voltage testers also test the level of AC and DC voltage. A distinction is made between voltage testers that are suitable for use in the low-voltage range and those that are suitable for use in the high-voltage range (1kV<).


There are also different types of voltage testers. Thus, there are single-pole and double-pole voltage testers, as well as non-contact voltage testers. While the non-contact ones only indicate the existence of a voltage, two-pole voltage testers additionally measure it.

The CAT measurement category determines in which areas the voltage tester can be used:

  • Cat I: Measurement on devices without connection to the mains (e.g. battery operation). 
  • Cat II: Measurement on devices connected to the normal, single-phase household mains. 
  • Cat III: Measurement in the area of distribution boxes and three-phase installations. 
  • Cat IV: heavy current applications.


Our voltage tester brands


PCWork is our own brand for innovative and customer-oriented measuring instruments. The PCW06A is a non-contact voltage tester which is ideal for quick testing of current voltages. With its compact size and integrated retaining clip, the OCW06A can be taken anywhere, allowing you to perform voltage testing at any time.



The current testers from the renowned premium manufacturer UNI-T offer the highest quality at attractive prices. Our UNI-T range consists of both bipolar and non-contact voltage testers from different price categories.