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Digital multimeter for various electrical measurements

The multimeter is the Swiss Army knife among electrical measuring instruments and is used to measure various electrical values. While inexpensive models can usually only measure AC/DC voltage (V), AC/DC amperage (A) and resistance (Ω), more expensive models often also have functions for measuring capacitance, frequency, duty cycle or temperature. Accordingly, when selecting a multimeter, first determine which measurement functions are needed. Likewise, one should consider the measuring range as well as the measuring accuracy of the individual measuring functions.



Finding the right multimeter based on (additional) functions

An important decision factor in selecting the right model is the screen resolution (counts). The higher the number of counts, the more precise the measurements. Digital multimeters also differ in the measuring range selection. While the measuring range must be determined manually in the case of manual range selection, the measuring range is determined by the multimeter itself in the case of automatic range selection.


The models also differ in terms of the other functions. For example, the non-contact voltage measurement (NCV) can be used to detect electrical voltages, the data hold function freezes measured values and the RMS measurement (True RMS) can be used to determine the equivalent DC value of an AC signal. Thus, True RMS instruments can correctly measure both sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal AC voltage signals. Many multimeters also have other features such as a continuity and diode test function, an LED work light, an auto power off function, or a battery test function. Likewise, additional features such as a rubber sheath to protect against drop damage, water and dust resistance (e.g. IP65) or the dimensions and operating concept of the multimeter can influence the final purchase decision.


Finding the right multimeter based on the CAT measurement category

As diverse as the functions of the multimeter, are also its areas of application. The areas in which a multimeter can be used depend on the CAT measurement category.

  • Cat I: Measurement on devices without connection to the mains (e.g. battery operation). 
  • Cat II: Measurement on devices connected to the normal, single-phase household mains. 
  • Cat III: Measurement in the area of distribution boxes and three-phase installations. 
  • Cat IV: heavy current applications.

Therefore, to find the perfect multimeter for you, you should consider both the application areas and the features you need when making your selection decision.


Our digital multimeter brands

Whether you are looking for a digital multimeter for occasional measurements at home or for daily professional use, you are sure to find the perfect device for your needs in our range of different brands and models. We also carry special multimeters for specific applications (e.g. optimized for field use in harsh working conditions). We are constantly expanding our selection of multimeters and have our finger on the pulse of time. Thus, in addition to the classic models, we can offer you directly as one of the first dealers the latest innovations.



Innovative digital multimeters from PCWork

Our own brand PCWork stands for innovative quality products at attractive prices. Our product team for PCWork loves to work with electronics themselves and has transferred this passion to the devices of PCWork. PCWork covers everything from the low-priced entry-level model PCW01A, to the all-round model PCW02A, to our top model PCW03A with extensive functions and an innovative design. We are one of the first brands to offer our customers intelligent multimeters in smartphone design, which means that you can already purchase future multimeters of the next generation from us. Whether for teaching physics, for hobby use or for professional application, PCWork offers a suitable multimeter.



Premium Digital Multimeter from UNI-T (UNI-TREND)

For more than 30 years UNI-T, as one of the most renowned manufacturers in the world, has been producing high-quality premium measuring instruments in various price categories. UNI-T offers affordable entry-level models such as the UT131C, all-round classics such as the UT139C, innovations such as the UT60EU, UT60BT or UT123D and absolute professional devices such as the UT161E. The digital multimeters offer a wide range of functions, are of premium quality and stand out from the crowd with innovative as well as high-quality designs. End users from all over the world appreciate UNI-T for their reliable measuring instruments at a reasonable price.