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DC DC Converter



DC/DC converters and their characteristics

A DC/DC converter is an electronic circuit which converts a supplied DC voltage (DC = direct current) into a DC voltage with a higher, lower or inverted voltage level. This way a stable voltage can be guaranteed even if the load of the power supply fluctuates.
In order to be able to use as many devices as possible from the same power source, voltages must be permanently converted, but this always results in voltage losses. The advantage of DC/DC converters is a low voltage loss, which does not exceed the tolerance range and ensures that no damage occurs to the end device.

Application areas

DC/DC converters are an indispensable part for the electrical engineering field, including, among others, in the areas of computer hardware, mechanical engineering and automotive engineering. Encapsulated DC/DC converters such as the RSDW20 series are used for low voltages and can sometimes be mounted directly on printed circuit boards.



Selection criteria

When selecting the right DC/DC converter, the area of application must be taken into account. Depending on this, attention should be paid to efficiency, rated voltage, and protective measures. The efficiency indicates the efficiency of the converter, so the value should be as high as possible. The rated voltage, on the other hand, indicates the power consumption during normal operation. However, this value varies from application to application. To ensure optimal and smooth operation, the converter should have temperature protection, overvoltage protection and short-circuit protection, as well as shielding against interference signals.
Other important selection criteria are the input and output voltage and the dielectric strength between input and output. Here, the dielectric strength indicates the limit for the maximum voltage.



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