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Desoldering Pumps



Desoldering pumps for fast desoldering

Desoldering pumps are used to extract solder. Among other things, it is used when changing components on circuit boards to remove the heated solder. The desoldering pump prevents uncontrolled spreading of liquid solder, which protects against damage and contamination on the circuit board.


A desoldering pump is especially suitable for hobby soldering and for professional users who work with hot air desoldering stations.

Our brands

Zhongdi (ZD):

Zhongdi is a professional manufacturer of soldering irons, temperature controlled soldering stations, desoldering pumps, glue guns, magnifying lamps and electric tool sets. The company has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing soldering tools. Its rigorous approach to quality has enabled Zongdi to become an internationally renowned brand of soldering products, manufacturing more than $10 million worth of products and supplying them worldwide through selected partners. Zhongdi has implemented the 6S management system in its factory and has already developed more than 30 patented products with its highly skilled R&D team. This ensures the continuous development of unique quality products in the future.