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Solder for electronic soldering applications

Solder is an indispensable tool for soldering. It consists of different metal alloys and is used to connect electronic components. The solder is melted by direct contact with a hot soldering tip or by hot air. It is then applied to the desired location to create a strong connection that conducts both electricity and heat.


Solder consists of different metals in various proportions, including tin, lead and zinc, sometimes copper or silver. The content and proportionate composition affect the melting point, conductivity, as well as protection against oxidation and corrosion.

How to choose the right solder for your application

When choosing the right solder, the area of application must play a decisive role. In general, the various available solder tins all have a different melting point. The solder must always have a lower melting point than the material to be processed, which must be considered when choosing solder.
In addition, the used flux is a relevant selection criterion. The flux is added to the tin so that it flows better and spreads well. It also reduces the surface tension of the solder and protects it from oxidation. Basically, a solder of high quality, i.e. with a high current and thermal conductivity, should always be selected.


Last but not least, attention should also be paid to the diameter. The smaller the diameter, the easier it is to dose the solder. Therefore, beginners should go for solder with a small diameter. 

Our brands

FELDER Löttechnik:

FELDER Löttechnik GmbH is an innovative company specializing in the field of soldering technology. State-of-the-art manufacturing processes guarantee high and consistent quality for all their solders and fluxes. All FELDER products are subject to the constant quality control by the company’s own laboratory and are tested according to the guidelines of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The laboratory equipment includes optical emission spectrometers, digital microscopes and IR spectrophotometers. This underlines FELDER’s focus on high-quality products, which is also reflected in the company’s slogan: “Quality creates trust”. Furthermore, the company focuses with their ECO-TIN initiative on sourcing soft solders only from sustainable and fair sources, thus protecting the environment, combatting child labor, and promoting equality.


At P+C Schwick you will find a great selection of the most popular soldering products of FELDER. On request we can supply the complete portfolio of FELDER at attractive prices.