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LED Driver



LED drivers for industrial and household applications

In general, most traditional LED applications are powered by direct current (DC) (there are also applications where the LEDs are powered by alternating current (AC)). However, since only alternating current (AC) flows from residential power outlets, an LED power supply is needed to operate the LED lights. This regulates the current flow and thus ensures proper operation.


A distinction must be made between a constant current source and a constant voltage source. The constant voltage source, also called LED transformer, supplies a fixed constant voltage to the LEDs and provides only as much current as necessary. The constant current source, on the other hand, provides a constant output current. Some LED power supplies, such as those from MEAN WELL's XLG series, combine both functions in one device.

Another distinguishing feature of LED power supplies is their dimming capability. Some power supplies allow dimming, i.e. the control of brightness, while this is not possible with others. Furthermore, there are DALI power supplies, which allow the individual control and addressing of up to 64 devices, which can also be divided into 16 groups and 16 separate control scenarios, regardless of the manufacturer.


Choosing the right LED driver

Depending on the area of application, the requirements for an LED power supply vary. Here it is particularly important to pay attention to whether the LED power supply is matched to the LED application and suitable for the intended use.


The IP protection class is also particularly important for the intended application. It describes how well a power supply is protected against the ingress of water and dust. If the LED driver is only used in dry indoor areas, IP20 is sufficient, while IP67 is required for outdoor operation.

In addition, attention must be paid to the temperature to prevent the power supply from overheating. If the power supply does not have a built-in fan and is only cooled by air circulation, it should not be installed in places where cooling by air is difficult. In this respect, the efficiency of the LED driver should also be taken into account in the selection. If the efficiency is consistently high, this allows for compact designs and low self-heating.

The temperature and IP classification of the LED driver is largely dependent on the housing. There are LED drivers with metal housing, plastic housing or without housing (open frame).

Finally, the data of the devices should also be considered for the decision. The application area should also be taken into consideration here. For example, an LED driver in industrial applications must offer a higher performance than for home applications. Therefore, it is worth comparing the relevant data at this point. 

Special attention should be paid to the following product characteristics:

  • Power - the minimum power consumption should be defined, leaving a certain reserve to be sure that the LED application is supplied in a stable way.
  • Voltage - output as well as supply voltage
  • Operating temperature range - a wider range results in a higher probability of avoiding failure due to overheating
  • Efficiency - high efficiency is important especially in case of power supply applications in industry.
  • Type of protection - e.g. protection against interference, short-circuits, conformity to standards, protection rating


Our brands


Our own brand PCEnergy stands for innovative and efficient power supply solutions. Our goal is to offer high quality power supplies for both professional and private customers.
Our LED drivers are especially characterized by high efficiencies and low power consumption. Of course, all PCEnergy products comply with all EU standards, so that safe use is guaranteed.



The renowned MEAN WELL brand from the Taiwanese manufacturer of the same name has been providing reliable power supply solutions for more than 30 years. With affordable series like the LPV series to the more expensive XLG series, you will find a suitable LED driver for your application in our wide product range. Whether for industrial use or for home, we offer various MEAN WELL LED power supplies to meet your requirements.